Microfinance with rural women

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The integrated micro-finance project offers a holistic strategy to help address the issues of financial disadvantage amongst marginalised women. Broader than merely a financial or banking model, the Young Women's IDEA micro-finance project seeks to empower women by providing them with life skills, training and education alongside small financial loans.

In the microfinance project, we do not simply lend money as a solution like other mainstream microfinance models. We invest in financial literacy, promote savings and invest money in the community in small ways. We help women to become involved in an income generating activity while at the same time engaging them in educational activities, health-care awareness and support, sanitation programs etc.

Our project is based on long term relationships and trust that seeks to empower women to improve their economic livelihoods and sustainability. We do this in an integrated and holistic way that seeks to address the many issues that contribute to their overall disadvantaged position within society. This job role involves assessing the broader needs of women and working towards improving their life skills, education and empowerment.

Extra skills required for the Microfinance project: - Studies and/or work experience in gender studies and/or business or related fields - Good communication skills - The capacity to initiate and maintain a project with little resources

How to apply: 

If you are enthusiastic in working with us, please send the following information to hr@youngwomensidea.org . - Your cover letter including your motivations, fields of work interest, desired period of your internship (with start and finish dates) and expectations of the internship; - A CV/resume including the contact information of a referee; - A scanned copy of the page(s) of your national passport with ID details.

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Start dates are flexible, however preference is given to applicants applying for more than 3 months.

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